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What’s FFA Up To?

A lamb that Redwood FFA is raising for the Tulare County Fair.
FFA’s future chickens of America.

Redwood’s FFA is very busy getting their lambs ready for the Tulare County fair, which starts on September 13th and ends on the 17th.

With about 17 market lambs in the Redwood FFA department, the fair is looking good for Redwood’s FFA at the fair this year. The fair is slowly approaching.

The AG department, over the summer, have raised 11 commercial lambs. These lambs have been Redwood’s own summer experiment project and will not be taken to fair. Their sole purpose is to raise livestock meat.

Over the summer, Redwood’s farm got many new improvements. Colette Gendron, ’18, said, “The school went under construction and now a cattle barn has been added. Redwood took the lead in designing a practice lamb show rink on the farm as well and it’s almost complete.”

Payton Thomas,’18, the FFA president, took on a new project of his own. He got interested in poultry this year and launched a project of 127 chickens! Although, these chickens will be sold, Redwood will see many more chickens in the future.


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