What happened to Block Schedule?

Although last year at Redwood High School block schedule was widely discussed in staff meetings and Friday Forum meetings, it has yet to transfer into an official bell schedule.

As the 2016/2017 school year ended, district officials encouraged Mr. Shin, RHS Principal, to postpone the implementation of a block schedule until there was more parent involvement. A block schedule system has been discussed for many years at RHS, but it has not moved beyond the discussion phase until last year. 

Mr. Shin said  “Our district has said we need to get some parent feedback, and I said that we don’t have enough time with the school year ending to get that.”

Mr. Shin said that when he mentioned block schedule during the last PTSA meeting of the year, the parents became very interested in the idea because they want to be involved.

If a block schedule were to happen, the district would have to renegotiate the teacher contract with RHS staff to change the rules around teacher access to a planning period everyday. Teachers would sacrifice their negotiated right to a plan period everyday and would find their planning period would alternate from day to day.

Mr. Vieira, a social science teacher on campus, said “After a little bit of adjustment, I think most teachers would actually like more time on that one specific day.”

Block schedule is also supposed to help all students, but especially those students in sports, clubs, and AP classes.

Payton Thomas, ‘18, says block schedule will make his Ag class 4 hours long, every other day. Thomas said “The more hours we do in a row, the more flow we get into and then we can get more done.”

Mrs. Moore, as an AP teacher, tells us how she feels on this topic. Moore said that the extra time given in a blocked schedule could  be used to support students who are advanced, and it could help students who are struggling.

Even though the discussion has met some setbacks, block schedule is still a possibility and is still being discussed.

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