The Freshmen Are Taking Over!

The class of 2021 is immense. The freshmen class is almost a third of the whole school as Redwood has about 2200 students. With 700 plus freshmen walking the campus this year, and for the next four years, some students are more positive than others.

Shyheim Pool, ‘18, said “It’s horrible they take up all the space in line.” Shyheim also said, “[They should] get involved with sports and ASB because when we’re gone Redwood better still be the best in sports.”

Sydney Somavia, ‘21, added her thoughts on having 700 other classmates. Somavia said, “I think it’s great there are 700 because I get to meet new friends but it does get a little crowded.”

Baylie Teela, ‘18, said, “I think it’s insane because there are so many children.” Teela also said, “Be polite, and don’t be intimidated.”

Sam Felsted, ‘21, told about some of the struggles of having a big class. Felsted said, “It’s more competitive trying out for certain sports because there is so much talent.”

The class of 2021 is a special class for sure. With so many students, the potential for clubs, teams, and academics is higher than ever. Hopefully this class can continue to carry the legacy and traditions of Redwood that students many years ago started.

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