Rangers From Around The World

Freshman are not the only one’s who have a whole new campus to get used to. Foreign exchange students have a whole new culture to get used to.

Habiba Gahlan, ‘21, from Egypt, said that she was nervous coming into a new school with a new system because the teaching style and activities are different. Gahlan said now that she’s made friends, she’s more comfortable.

Maksym Dmyterko, ‘18,  is from Ukraine, and Redwood is the largest school he’s ever attended. Dmyterko said, “I’m excited about my future activities and sports like soccer or basketball.” The break we get here at Redwood is much shorter than in the Ukraine, according to Dmyterko.

Yukari Takechi, ‘19, is an exchange student from Japan. Takechi said that in Japan, the students sit at the desk all day and study. Takechi said Redwood has more interactive classes, and she also happens to like it better here.

Munira Oimatova, ‘19, is from Tajikistan, a country in Central Asia. Oimatova said that it’s cool being at Redwood and that everything is different. She’s looking forward to playing Tennis and participating in Link Crew.

Nicolas Jaramillo Diaz, ‘19, is from Colombia. Diaz said he is also excited for school activities. Diaz is currently involved with water polo and is going to join the boys swim team. Diaz also said he is also slightly nervous about his video class.  Diaz said, “You can choose your different classes and schedule. Redwood has different classes than in Columbia. Colombia.” Diaz said that he is excited to meet new people.

Julia Heiononen is from Finland. Heiononen said that Redwood is surprisingly large with a lot of people. Heiononen enjoys her art class here at Redwood.

Eliska Sedlarova is from the Czech Republic. Sedlarova said, “In Europe they study the same thing all day every day unlike Redwood.” Sedlarova said they also don’t have P.E. in Europe. Sedlarova joined a lot of clubs and loves the school spirit.


  1. Wonderful Article!

  2. Sra. Angelica M. Jimenez

    Nice job, but Colombia is spelled “ColOmbia”. Columbia is considered to refer to the female personification of the USA. If you watch movies, “Columbia Pictures” has the image of this female. Colombia is the beautiful country in South America that gave birth to the dance style “bachata” and Luis Valdez’s coffee:)

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