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FFA Summer Retreat

Over the summer the Redwood FFA officer team went on a summer retreat.

They went down to Pismo Beach July 13th-15th. The Redwood FFA officer team consists of 6 officers. Payton Thomas, ’18, who is the FFA president, Makayla Margosian, ’19, who is vice president, Ashly Wisehart, ’19, who is the secretary, Colette Gendron, ’18, who is the treasurer, Sophie Wasem, ’20, who is the reporter, and Irena Rolden,’18, who is the sential.

While down in Pismo, the team bonded and hung out with each other to become closer. They enjoyed the ocean, had meetings, and bonded over games throughout their 3 days at the beach.

Margosian said, “We want to have a strong and good relationship for the upcoming year. We also planned a lot of stuff for the year ahead.”

The team is trying to create more involvment in competitions throughout the year. Along with that goal, they started many new projects for school and at the farm. They will show many of their projects they have done over the summer at the fair.

Thomas said, “We worked on new plans for the new year. We’re excited for the school year.”

Overall the officer team is very excited for the school year and the upcoming fair!

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