Where Are All The Boys At?

As a new year starts, more and more people are beginning to realize that boys are known to be missing in leadership roles around campus.

Kenneth O’Leary ’18 said, “It’s a weird trend in high school. I definitely would like more male leaders to step up to this school”.

He also gives advice to males, stating that they should reach out to different clubs and student activities on campus. He also added that when students find a club they enjoy, they should remain dedicated and committed so they could eventually step up to an officer position.

Payton Thomas ’18 said, “Girls usually stand out in the crowd and like to be funky and weird.” He also said, “It’s okay to be outside of your comfort zone and it’s natural to be different to be in the leadership position.”

An anonymous student from Redwood also said, “Girls are more active in school because they’re more mature and have better social skills.” This person also encouraged males to make the push and encourage each other to step up to the plate and expand on their leadership skills.

Despite the lack of boys in leadership roles, it fortunately has been improving over the years. As more clubs are made this year, it has been allowing everyone to be more involved. O’Leary, who became the first ASB male president in several years, also stated that there has been three or four boys in the ASB class. Surprisingly, there has been a big improvement in the amount of boys in the class this year.

Hopefully in the future, there will be more males that join clubs and hold their own leadership roles.

Written by Tony Kim & Trinity Jordan

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