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Club Day Was a Success!

Art Club and Green Club booths during Club Day.

On August 23rd, 2017, Rangers spent their lunch period in The Quad with many food vendors and booths for clubs new and old, for Redwood’s annual Club Day.

In charge of Club Day was Redwood’s own, ICC (Inter Club Commissioner), Savannah Crippen, ’18. When asked about whether the job is all stress or fun Crippen said, “Looking around [and] seeing all the clubs, I’m having the most fun time of my life because I’m getting to see my hard work pay off.” While there was a lot of hard work involved, she said, “I want to get students involved that’s my soul purpose,” in regards to becoming the ICC. Crippen spends her time working for and caring about Rangers, even going as far as creating an upcoming website making every club available for every student.

At Club Day, Redwood’s award winning FBLA program was set up recruiting more students. President Ely Garcia, ’18, was persuaded by his upperclassmen during his sophomore year to join FBLA, and that is what he was hoping to do for other students. Garcia stated that his favorite part of the day was, “…seeing all the freshman and all the new faces signing up.”

While there are older clubs, such as FBLA, there are newer ones as well.

Katie Salazar’s Oceanography Club is one of those. Salazar described her club as “…fun, exciting, and Moana…”. Salazar said she created her club because her motive was that she “…just wanted to help conserve the ocean…”. Salazar hopes to get her club out to The Monterey Bay Aquarium and the beach.

Redwood’s Club Day showed students that there are many more clubs left to join, discover, or even create! If interested or have question about any clubs email Savannah Crippen at

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