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Redwood Band Switches to First Period

The new school year is here and with a new school year comes a new and exciting marching season for Redwood Band! With the many changes Redwood’s classes have gone through this year, Band made the big switch from fourth period to first period which altered a lot of people’s schedules and even more importantly – their class and marching season experience!

Julia Galvan, ‘18, said, “It’s not as hot when we go out to practice our marching anymore. [Last year] if we ever got let out late we would just be late to lunch, not another class.” There are pros and cons to having band first period instead of fourth, but Galvan just hopes that the hard work ahead pays off. Galvan said, “I can’t wait for our first band review.”

However there are some stronger feelings against this big switch.

Dylan Diltz, ‘18, said, “I personally don’t like the move from fourth to first period. [Last year] I had band basically every other period.” He went on to say that the switch actually made him more tired than normal and the days seem to go by slower because of it.

Curtis Browne, ‘20, said, “I’m ready to work hard for marching season [this year].” His experience last year was enjoyable and fun and the new schedule switch only makes getting to second period a little harder, but all in all he doesn’t see it as a huge problem.

Although there are a ton of mixed emotions about this new change, this just paves way for the band’s potential and excitement to come!

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