No Room for Rangers?!?!

This school year there has been a great increase in students. This change has caused classes to become full and causing some students to not get the class of their first pick.

Citlaly Marquez ’21 said, “I think it’s a bad situation because students don’t get the classes they want and they have to go to a class they probably don’t really like.”

I think that this amount of kids could cause some students to become distracted and fall behind on their studies. And with this many kids, quite a few of them are certain to get lost while the teaching is happening.

This could also be difficult on the teachers because it would be hard to teach a class with so many students.

Some people however are not affected by the increase of students. Hailee Vang ’21 says, “I have no problem with overcrowded classes but it could affect the class in a way where it might be hard for the teacher to teach a lesson and for the kids to pay attention.”

The increase of students can be viewed in any way but I feel like it is causing problems and there should be something done so students can’t get their class choice but also be able to pay attention.

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  1. The increase of students meant an increase in staffing and class sizes are actually reduced in most core subjects. Every year students select 3 choices for their electives. The majority of students get either their first two choices and some have to get their third choice. That’s why we have students rank their choices. It’s been the same in years past. I’m not sure where you got your information for this story so feel free to look into this more with the administrators so they can help you better understand your concerns.

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