AP Classes: Stressful Nights With Little To No Sleep

As the  high school life begins, more and more difficult courses are being offered. The topic of the day is Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school and why students take these classes. Having knowledge about this can be very useful to help AP students relate to one another or other students or people be informed on the significance and benefits behind AP classes. Whether it be for their future or for fun, the reasons are practically endless.

As an AP student myself, I have quite a general idea of why most students or students like me are enrolled in classes like these. In all honesty, the reasons behind my choices were because it was expected of me. Me taking honor and pre-AP classes since grade 6 took a big toll on how my future school years would consist of. In other words, having a past or history of being an honor or advanced student will make you more vulnerable of being assigned into a higher level class because they believe you are a higher-level thinker. The school system could never believe that AP students could fall behind to the point where they had to be switched into a regular-level class. It almost feels as if you have to continue your course as an advanced student or you would ruin your reputation, as ridiculous as it seems.

In most cases, a high gpa increases the chances of of getting accepted to the colleges and universities of choice, and that is the type of mindset that I and the most of AP students live by in high school. School after high school is a concern that students have to plan out before graduation, and AP classes can help manage. On the other hand, students may also be taking advanced courses because they are fond of the subject or it’s just fun for them. Others can also have no other options than AP classes. The motives behind the willingness of students taking advanced placement are truly endless.

A back cramp, a sore hand, a migraine, and even all of them combined in all would not break the bond of an AP student and their classes. Even though the numerous hours of night time are sacrificed and replaced with stress, the passion that drives students to take and volunteer for these classes is infinite. The meaning of advanced placement classes differ depending on the beholder, the student.


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