Rangers Are Out Of This World

On August 18th, Redwood ASB kicked off the school year with the Icebreaker Rally.

Colin Watamura, ‘19, Redwood’s Rally Commissioner, was in charge of the rally’s theme. Colin said, “We talked about the theme as a collective class. ASB thought that they could incorporate cool things into the rally.” The class has been preparing for this year’s rally for 3-4 weeks.

ASB faced many challenges leading up to the rally. The biggest challenge they faced was the size of the freshman class and how they were going to fit them into the bleachers at the rally.  The freshman class this year has over 700 students. Fitting the Sophomore and Freshman class on one side of the gym was the biggest challenge during the rally.

Watamura thinks the rally is well-planned out. ASB has everything set in stone, it’s just about executing the plan for the rally. Friday’s rally ran short but overall was a success. The rally started off with a video featuring ASB President and Vice President. Dance Force and Cheerleading performed a routine during the rally. The rally had games within the rally like musical chairs, trivia, and a relay.

It was a great start to the new year, and Watamura has a lot in store for Rangers! 

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  1. Judy Garcia

    Great Job, Kenzie!

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