Giant Start for Gigantea

With the start of a new school year, Journalism starts all over again. 

Sameh Esmaeili, ‘21, said that she is excited to take Journalism because she will be able to meet new people by interviewing teachers and students. Esmaeili also said that she can’t wait to go to school events and take a bunch of pictures for the Redwood Gigantea. Esmaeili said this class will also make her a better writer.

Kira Navarro, ‘20, is the podcast editor. Navarro said, “I want to make podcast a bigger part of Redwood Gigantea.” Navarro plans on having two podcasts: one will be formal and talk about what the day will be like. Navarro also said the second podcast will be talking about situations people might be in. 

Mr. Miller, the advisor of Journalism, said that he is so excited to see kids broadening their work and can’t wait to see how big the podcasts will be. Miller says that he expects so much hard work and broadening from everyone. He also said that he wants to see that everyone is being a journalist, using there journalism eyes, getting a lot of information, and there stories out there for people to see. 

This year Journalism plans on doing big things and making a transition towards being a more media site, so stay tuned to watch the transition!

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