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Get Ready for ‘Seussical’ the Musical!

Mrs. Galvan is directing this year’s musical “Seussical”! The musical will be showing February 1-3th at the LJ Williams theatre.

Galvan said, “I am looking forward to putting a different spin on the show and having a new cast to direct and work with.”

This will be Galvan’s twelfth year directing the school’s musicals and the second time directing Seussical, with the first time being in 2010.

Since it is the second time directing Seussical, Galvan said,“I feel like it will be less difficult in some ways directing the show, but that’s because I am familiar with the materials, but it could be challenging with the new spin on the show.”

When asked what her favorite character was from the production Galvan said, “Horton is my favorite, I can relate to him, he feels alone and still continues to do what is right even though people do not listen and I can relate to it being a teacher.”

The cast members and audience will be looking forward to the new spin on this year’s musical. Excitedly Galvan said, “I think everybody is going to love it. It’s going to have the same dialogue and the same characters, but it is going to be more exciting!”

So, come see Seussical February 1-3th!

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