Freshman Take on Their First Week of High School

The Redwood High School freshmen class of ‘21 just experienced their first full week of high school. Freshmen had different opinions, aspirations, and viewpoints on their first week.

Since it’s her first year, Ashley Todd ’21, is excited about water polo. When Todd was asked about how she felt about the size of Redwood she replied,”It’s a little harder to get around and I feel like I’m going to be late but I manage.”

Many of the freshman Rangers are excited for all of the different extra curricular activities. Luke Jewett ’21, stated that he is eager for “sports because it’s what I do all the time, and I just want to bring it to the school.” Lauren Kneeland ’21, replied that “Right now I am in water polo and that is going good. And I also want to tryout for soccer and also do swim.”

When asked what the size difference between Redwood High school and Green Acres Middle School, Sydney Somavia’21, said that Redwood is “probably two times bigger than Green Acres, it’s a lot  bigger. The only trouble is from going to vista to english class but other than that you just gotta go fast.”

Coming from a K-8 private school, Kelsey Konishi ‘21, thought that Redwood is, “a lot bigger and I do not see the little kids running around everywhere.”

All in all, the Redwood Ranger freshmen class of ‘21 are eager for the new school year to continue, because their journey as a Ranger has only just begun.

Co Written By: Evan House and Gabrielle Bridges


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