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Dance Force Starts Off the Rally with a Bang!

At Friday’s Icebreaker Rally the girls on Dance Force performed for the entire school and blew everyone out of this world! By only being back to school for a week, the girls sure impressed and proved their skills and talents early in the year.

When asked what the team’s biggest struggle was with preparing for this rally Isabella Nevarez ‘20 said, “For sure,  cleaning up the choreography, because we learned the routine in only 1.5 hours of camp.” With such little prep time the Dance Force sure made it seem professional and clean.

Lily Reed ’20, said they only learned the dance in an hour then had just 4 days to work on it!

 The camp these girls are referring to is NDA camp which Redwood’s Dance Force attends every year over the summer. It gives the new members a chance to get to know the older girls, allow early practice for routines for the upcoming year, and the girls get to create a special bond to last them throughout the year and some beyond that.

Macie Johnson ’21, is one of the only two freshman on Dance Force so when asked why she decided to join she said she wanted so badly to perform at games and assemblies plus it gave her a good opportunity to meet new people.

For our seniors, this would be their last performance at the Icebreaker Rally so when asked about her feelings on the matter Andrea Perez ’18 said, “[I feel] bittersweet because I’m leaving high school and I love dancing. It’s just sad that it’s my first last rally of the year.”

Colette Gendron ’18, said that being on Dance Force has been such a great experience and that she has learned so much over the years. She was able to dance along side some of her best friends at school events which is something she will miss most.

 Gendron said, “This team is taken very serious here at Redwood and would not be anywhere if it wasn’t for the best dance teacher there ever was, Mrs. Lapp, and all her fun EARLY morning classes!”

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