Mondays Call For Eclipses

On Monday morning between 9-10am, students were able to experience the solar eclipse on campus for the first time in roughly 50 years.

Because of the eclipse occurring during school times, much of the administration on campus was concerned about the health of the students, since most people were anxious to see the eclipse without proper eyewear.

Tiffany Walkowiak, our school nurse, said, “You need to have approved eclipse glasses or an eclipse viewing device, because you can’t look at it directly. It could terribly damage your eye.”

Although many teachers were warned about not sending students out of class due to safety hazards, Redwood’s science department made sure to have the proper eyewear protection needed to successfully view the eclipse.

Mrs. Laufer, a chemistry teacher who was apart of the eclipse activities during 2nd period, said,  “There are solar eclipses in the U.S. relatively often, but what makes this one unique is that it’s passing all the way across the continental United States. That only happens every 50, 60 years.”

Although many students used the eyeglasses for viewing, many Rangers got creative and made special viewing devices to see theeclipse without direct eye-to-eye contact.

Andrew Cantelmi ’19 said, “I think it’s beautiful to see people come together in such huge numbers that didn’t involve conflict… The fact that it occurs so rarely makes it even more special and cherished.”

Some students were prevented from experiencing the August 21st 2017 eclipse due to not having proper eyewear or having classwork. In regards to this, Cantelmi added that he does think it was unfair for some students not able to see the event, but he could also recognize where admin was coming from because,  “[classwork] and other things like that are sort of understandable.”

If you missed the eclipse, Walkowiak mentioned that the event is available online at nasa.gov, adding that it “could save your eyes and you don’t have to worry about messing up your vision!”


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