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Link Crew making it great for 2021

In the hot and sweaty RHS gym on Tuesday afternoon, the Link Crew team under the direction of advisor Mrs Wall got to work prepping for Friday’s freshman orientation.

Wall said, “I’m looking forward to seeing true Rangers working the event, as well as meeting the incoming ones.”

This is Wall’s 3rd year as a link advisor.

The incoming class of 2021 is approximately 705 students and is one of the largest freshman classes in Redwood history. Students are still enrolling.

Alexus Millikan ’19 said “freshman need to feel welcomed and get know this place. It’s better to do it as a group”

Chris Hernandez ’19 said “it’s hot and humid but it didn’t affect the positivity.”

Even though many said they were sad that summer seems to be coming to an end, all were enthusiastic about meeting the freshman class and linking them to Redwood in a positive and energetic way.

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