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The Four Year Band Members Reminisce

Once the school year comes to an end we begin to reminisce on all of our favorite moments. Some of the four year band members were asked to share one of their favorite memories from being a part of Ranger Band.

Quinton Mashler, ‘17 said, “The time that Mr. B took my phone away in class because he was trying to get another kid in trouble and he thought it was his phone.”

Grace Joslin, ‘17 said, “My favorite memory is when we had the CMEA festival for band and Wind Ensemble played this song that was all about the clarinets. After we performed Mr. B came up to me and told me how proud he was of me that I carried the clarinet section and without me he couldn’t play that song.”

Alex Rozier, ‘17, “My favorite memory in band has to be my freshman year when I auditioned for the Tulare County Honor Band and I ended up getting first chair. Mr. B had actually never really heard me play on my own before so when he found out he came out and gave me the biggest hug and had the biggest smile on his face and said he was so proud of me and that he couldn’t wait for the next three years with me.”

Andrea Martinez, ‘17, “I met all of my best-friends in this class.”

Sydney Andersen, ‘17, said, “My freshman year Mr. B started calling me ‘Psycho Sydney’ because of how hyper I was.”

Lexxi Bruxxfort, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory is when Grace, Adam, Quinton, and I were all sitting in the band office with Mr. B and we were just having  heart to heart and he was giving us advice on life, it really summed up my whole band experience because we were like a family instead of just students to him.”

Kayla Ascunsion, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory of band was after competition when we would go to the stands and cheer each other on, it was like one big RHS family.”

Lexi Travis, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory is when Isabella became my bestfriend… she is always there for me.”

Carlos Gomez, ‘17, said,  “My favorite part of band is every single time Mr. B forgot I was a senior.”

Erin Carrasco, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory of band was hugging Mr. B after he gave me my plague at our last band concert.”

Kyana Ascunsion, ‘17, said, “My best memory of band was the feeling of accomplishment when we learned all the music and the whole drill and had a full show to compete with.”

Joel Mcconnel, ‘17, said,  “My favorite memory was that time in band camp…”

Clancy Taylor, ‘17, said, “My favorite memory in band is making an awful horrible joke that causes the entire class to groan and then getting told off by Mr. B.”

Jesus Renteria, ‘17, said, “When I put my music on the ground and it flew up and I never found it again.”

Skyler Garrett, ‘17, said his favorite memories were always made at “halftime at the football games”.

As a four year band senior myself, my favorite memory from band is spending time with all of the people I have known and loved for four years. Thank you Mr. Bettencourt and the rest of Ranger Band for making my high school career memorable.

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