Stand Up and Speak

Graduation is a big deal to every high school student, especially to the grad speaker. This year’s graduation speaker is Rebekah Garcia, ‘17. “I feel very excited to be giving the speech, very humbled and honored that the administration, students, and staff chose me.” said Garcia. “My mom straight up cried, my brother and sister were happy for me as well as my dad. They were very happy and though I deserved it. I was in absolute shock, there were so many great people that gave the speech and i had no idea they were going to pick me, i was very shocked and nervous”

Judith Gonzalez, ‘17, was on a committee of people who listened to the speeches and chose which would be said at graduation. “We wanted to chose someone that could project their voice very well, and could entertain the crowd. Someone who could speak well , we also wanted who could speak on behalf of the entire class and pinpointing topics and everyone’s experience and some things we can all remember. Making sure to include not just the sports, but the arts and our cooking classes and like different levels of classes.”

Graduation is at the Mineral King Bowl at 7pm on June 2nd for Redwood High School.

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