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“Six Weeks of Procrastination” Presented by Redwood Drama

This last week, May 15th-19th, Redwood Drama presented “Six Weeks of Procrastination”, otherwise known as the “one acts”, a series of short scenes. The cast included drama ones, twos and threes performing a variety of scenes such as: comedy, drama and tragedy.

Ms. Galvan, head of the Redwood Drama Department, said. “One acts were created for the purpose of the drama ones, twos and threes to perform just like band has a band concert at the end of the year, choir has a choir concert and dance has a dance recital this is their performance so they get performing credit, in order to get performing credit you must perform in front of a live audience so that’s how it’s been developed since I’ve been the teacher before that it was just an after school program and when i became the teacher i just felt like students needed to perform in order to get credit.”

The once acts are a chance for drama one to show their talent on stage. Galvan said, “My favorite thing about the once acts is watching the drama ones perform for the first time on stage. I enjoy seeing how excited they get and how successful they are.”

But there is a lot of stress at the same time. Galvan said, “Every scene is like a show. So, even if it’s two and a half minute long. It’s a show with props, sets and costume you’re putting twenty of those together for two and a half hours so you’ve basically got 20 shows it’s really stressful.”

This is a really fun opportunity for students also they can experience how it feels to be onstage and perform in front of a large audience.

Vincent Pratti, ‘17 said, “ My scene is from the office it’s called ‘Stress Relief’ and it’s about all these guys and girls that are in the office learning how to do CPR , I’m really happy with my role. I love being the main role because I am able to perform more.”       

Alex Huerta, ‘19 said, “ My role was Kevin… I didn’t really feel comfortable with a big audience, [however] I was excited to be on stage because it was the first time for me doing something like this and I would definitely encourage others to try this cool experience.”

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