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School’s Out, Scream and Shout!

Summer vacation is usually a time to relax and enjoy the summer sun. That is the case for most of Redwood students, including myself. However, for some students, there is no vacation but instead three months of hard work. Summer vacation is different for everyone. From summer jobs to AP class work to soaking up the summer sun, the summer of 2017 is going to be a busy one.

For summer vacation the typical thing to do is leave the city for awhile just to get some fresh air from another city. There’s nothing better than leaving for a trip and exploring the city’s attractions. For some people, they have to leave their city to go to another one. In fact, sometimes it’s to leave to another state. Gilberto Rivas, ‘19, said, “I want to go to my mother’s house [in Oregon] for most of [summer vacation], but I’ll also visit the rest of my family in Oregon, and hopefully go on a road trip to Washington to see my cousins.”

While people are leaving cities to visit family, soak up sun at the beach, or even just to leave Visalia for a while, some students are spending their summer doing something that’s once in a lifetime chance.

Prya Felix, ‘19, said, “For the summer I’m going to be an intern along with other people to published authors in Los Angeles.They’re going to teach me how to write and obviously how to write a book without being cliche about it. This whole plan was in the moment but I’m excited for it.” Not many teenagers get to say they are spending their summer with other aspiring writers and on top of that interact with published writers.

School work is never fun, even during the school year but if doing school work over the summer means getting academically ahead, then by all means, go for it.

Brian Fernandez, ‘19, said, “I’m going to be having to do summer school over the summer because I need to open up my schedule for next year or it would be messed up. School work is not as important, it’s just something you have to do to get on with life and might as well just get it done so you can relax later on.” Many students, especially Juniors and Seniors, are doing school work or even working over the summer to keep busy.

Starting on June 2nd, students have about 68 days of summer vacation. During that time span Rangers can create fun memories, go on trips to visit cities near and far, or just pop open those textbooks, pull out pencils and get to work. No matter the case, just make sure that the long hot summer days are not wasted laying around looking through social media because summer vacation is short but bitter sweet.

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