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The year of 2017 was yet again another phenomenal year for sports at Redwood. All season long these teams have been working as hard as they can to see the results they wish to see. From winning tournaments and invitationals to winning Valley championships, Redwood has not failed to bring home the gold.

The Redwood Girls Soccer captain Brooke Crisp, ‘17,  explained how this season has been one of the best she’s ever been in. The combination of fresh, young players and experienced, veteran players made them unique in which led them to Valley Champions for the first time in nearly 10 years. The year of 2017 was the first year that the Varsity girls soccer made it into State Playoffs.

The Varsity Boys Basketball captain Kobe Garner, ‘17,  explained that this year was his “personal favorite” from all of his previous years on Varsity. His team and he won League championships in which was on of their goals set in the beginning of the season. They were finalist in two tournaments and did not fail to perform their best.

   The Varsity Girls Swim team did not fail to follow through with their legacy of WYL Champions for the 7th year in a row. Jamison Bueno, ‘19, said that this year “has the best team yet”, due to them getting 7th place in the Clovis invitational which is great compared to previous years. The girls won 5th place in Valley Championships in which they know they can do better in the following years. Alex Roberts, ‘20, stated that WYL was won by about 300 points, which has been no problem for them these past years.

The Varsity Football Quarterback Frankie Ayon, ‘17, explained that he felt “pretty successful” due to them coming back to a rough season in 2016. The boys performed great winning WYL for the first time since 2004.

Keeping the legacy alive, the girls Varsity tennis team has yet again won WYL for the 13th time. Kate Sapasap, ‘18, explained that this team had second thoughts about their success, but that did not bring them down. With a new team, they were able to qualify all of their Varsity players to move on after WYL.

Erin Mulloney, ‘18, explained that the Girls Varsity Volleyball felt confident this year with their excellent players and strong chemistry. This team won WYL again after about 3 years and was only 2 wins away from winning Valley Championships. These girls performed great and we hope to see them succeed even higher limits next year.

Both Girls and Boys Track and Field performed wonderfully this season by winning WYL. Throughout the whole season, Redwood went in ready for anything and did not fail to perform their best and win for their school. With a team hungry for success, multiple players qualified for Valley Championships and did their absolute best. Two of our girls, Taylor Nelson, ‘18, and Ally Zermeno, ‘18, are entering the State Championships in which we hope they do their best.

Throughout this year many athletes have showed that being just good isn’t enough. They have excelled passed the average to become a great athletic figure. The year of 2017 was truly an amazing year in which our fellow students are breaking records and getting noticed.







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