Only a Little Bit of Blood…

On Monday, May 22nd, the Central California Blood Center (CCBC) held a blood drive at Redwood High School for the students to help contribute to. The Blood Drive was on Monday, May 22nd in the gym, and participants needed to be 16 years of age or older. The event lasted from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the gym.

The CCBC go to a lot of schools around the south valley, such as Madera, Visalia, Fresno, and Tulare. The reason why they are going to schools is so that they can supply hospitals with blood that patients desperately need, such as treating leukemia. The CCBC began in the 1950s, so they have been collecting blood for 67 years now.

Starla Saldera, one of the higher-ups in the CCBC and worked for for 16 years, said, “We are thankful for Redwood for donating blood for those in need.”

Alyssah Nevares, ‘17, was in charge of organizing the blood drive. “This is our third blood drive and I do think we’ve been more successful in the past but for a Monday blood drive, we did really well… This past month has been very hectic with ASB elections and we didn’t publicize it enough, and since it was on a Monday, people didn’t really come. But on the morning, we still had people coming in with permission slips to donate.”

“The day of the blood drive is stressful because you want to make sure you have what you need…. And to make sure everyone is prepped. Even if I can’t personally donate, it’s nice to get people to donate anyways. Three people can be saved by one pint of blood and it’s also rewarding to give back to the community and get kids involved.” said Nevares. “I talked to Mr. Miller about doing a blood drive last year, and that was the first one in ten years, and this year, this was the first year we did one in the fall and spring… I hope the staff that we have keep this tradition up and going so they can continue in the future with it…. I hope the kids who didn’t get the donate this year get informed next year, and they can donate next year… and that they don’t get discouraged if they can’t do it once. I definitely think it’s something everyone should do if they’re eligible to do.”

Jenny Suarez, ‘18, also helped with the blood drive. “I was a part of the blood drive for the first time on Monday and I thought that it went really well. There were no complications other than a few people passing out, but we couldn’t have prevented that… a lot of people participated and it went really well… I liked being in charge of the blood drive. It’s really important to the school and the community. Knowing that I was in charge of the blood drive in a way was really important and I hope I get to help out with the ones next year as well.”

To the people who couldn’t donate because of nerves, Suarez says, “You’ll be fine and you’re saving three people’s lives by donating blood, so that should calm you down a bit. You will get nervous but you’re doing something that people will be grateful for in the end.”

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