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New Leadership for CSF

CSF is an academic club on campus that strives to provide fantastic opportunities for students with high honors to participate in community service events. Every year Mrs. Cheatwood, CSF advisor, is faced with new obstacles to overcome in every senior class; this is why she has a group of officers to assist her along the way.

The interviews for these positions took place in the beginning of the second semester. For the 2017-2018 school year, the Redwood California Scholarship Federation club will consist of six officers: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and two junior associates. Derrick Chow, ‘19, and Kenya Ochoa, ‘19, will be the junior associates. Sierra Dean, ‘18, will be the treasurer. Brianna Luna, ‘18, will be secretary. Joseph Kim, ‘18, will serve as vice president and Addie Hobbs, ‘18, will be president.

Kim said, “I want to see an increase of member involvement in CSF next year! As the largest club on campus, I hope we are able to continue to expand our positive influence in the community around us.”

Luna said, “I’m excited for each of the community projects we’ll be doing next year. Every officer is in charge of hosting their own service, so I really wanna push new ideas out to the club that we haven’t pursued in the previous year.”

Plans for the 2017-2018 school year include each officer hosting their own community service event, an increase in membership activity, as well as an increase in eligible scholarship candidates.

Destiny Campos, ‘18, said, “I hope to see more community service opportunities next year. This year I really enjoyed the visit to the senior home. It would be really cool if small groups went there once a month or so.”

Already, future officers will be participating in the 2017 graduation ceremony. They will be handing out the gold cords to the lifetime members and naming them to the crowd.

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