Dear Future Editors of the Redwood Gigantea…

To tell you the truth, we didn’t think we’d make it this far either. Us four have been through our fair share of trials. From accidentally printing a thousand copies of the wrong paper, to arguing about the placement of commas, and even surviving a Journalism civil war. We’ve been through a lot with the Gigantea. We’ve lost friends and gained new ones, we’ve inspired change at Redwood, and continue to spread our message of speaking up for what you believe in.

This year was especially eventful. Starting the year off with only three of us definitely took a toll on our energy. It feels weird to go through three years of starting your mornings with the same four people, and when one of us leaves, it’s not the same. Needless to say, we got off to a bumpy start. Now, 9 months later, we’ve printed five issues, bringing our total number of printed papers to 18 in the last four years.

If it’s one thing we want you all to carry on in the future of this paper, it’s our adherence to the Leppek Laws that were taught to us Freshman year. Remember our dedication to safety, good taste, promoting love and respect, and the golden rule that has brought us success and change over these last four years.

We hope you don’t miss the crazy arguments we get in over literally everything as much as we’ll miss you. Megan’s work stories that usually take up most of the morning, Claire’s donut addiction, Daisy’s sassy comebacks, and Tommy’s philosophical questions that make everyone think too hard in the morning are memories that can’t be recreated.

This paper has been our baby for the last four years, and it’s time we let you all carry it on however you see fit. High school journalism gets a bad reputation sometimes for being a place where gossip and rumors come to life on a bigger stage, but we know that the hands we are leaving the Redwood Gigantea in are good ones, who will love and respect her for all that she is worth.

We hope that the Redwood Rangers enjoy this final edition from four of the hardest workers in our program (well we’d like to think so). We’ve had tons of fun these last few years together, from disruptive UNO games, coffee spills, and arguments about the capitalization of letters. We know that few people will love the Gigantea as much as we do, but we are happy to share her with you all in an effort to keep a true Redwood High School tradition alive.

So here we are. Last edition, ladies and gents. Make us proud and keep your hearts in it. I know our hearts never left for a second. The Redwood Gigantea may not be our paper anymore, but she still is a part of us forever, 18 issues later. Thank you all for sticking around for this long. We hope you stay forever.

With all of our hearts,

Daisy Gonzalez, Megan Mueller, Claire Stetson, and Tommy Bowser.

P.S. We know there are grammar errors in this. We never said she was perfect. 🙂

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