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A Summer to Study

As summer is coming closer, many students are signing up for summer school, summer programs and much more. This year summer school will be held at El Diamante and Golden West. Some classes are offered online such as US History and others are offered at the school such as World History, Driver’s Education, etc.

Online summer school requires more time than the traditional summer school where students attend every day. The benefit of online summer school is that students only go once a week, but there is a test almost every week.

Many students are also planning to enroll in COS college courses to get ahead instead of relying on the school districts summer school. There are COS classes for concurrent students that are waived which means, with the exception of textbooks, that classes are free.

Catalina Segovia, ‘18, said, “I’m taking Biology for summer school so I don’t have to take it during the school year. Summer school is helpful to me because it helps me retake a semester of a class I didn’t do well in. Summer school interferes with my plans because I won’t be able to go on long vacations while summer school is in session since you can’t really miss a lot of days of summer school. But in the end it is all worth all the work and effort.”

Summer is a big opportunity to those who either didn’t pass a class or want to get ahead in high school and have less classes to take during their four years. It is time consuming and it requires a lot of effort and hard work but in the end it benefits you.

Kassandra Garcia ‘19 said,” I’m taking US History for summer school to get ahead in my classes and have one less class to take. It gives me a smooth year but it’s going to be a boring summer since I have to continue on with learning and homework. When in summer you are suppose to get a break from school, homework and waking up early. Also it gets in the way of my break because it wastes my summer and then we only have a couple of more weeks till school starts again. I wasn’t really planning any trips, just mainly hanging out with friends and chilling.”

Summer school takes up most of the summer, but leaves a couple of weeks to have a break and get ready for the next school year coming up. It also only runs Monday through Thursday so students have a three day weekend.

Angelina Gomez, ‘19, said, “I am going to retake English over summer school to not have to take it during the school year and I can understand it better. It helps me because it gives me a chance to make it up and take it step by step instead of only having a half an hour of it during the school year. It didn’t really interfere with my summer since I hadn’t planned anything.”

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