Hello and Goodbye to the New ASB President

On May 22, Kenneth O’Leary ‘18, was elected to be the 2017-2018 school year ASB president. We met up with O’Leary, and current ASB president, Bryanna Martinez ‘17, to ask them a few questions.

How do you feel about the changing of your ASB position?

Martinez: It is definitely bitter sweet, I mean I had such a blast being in ASB since my sophomore year. Leaving ASB is going to hard for sure  but I am really excited for next year’s class.

O’Leary: I went from junior class vice president, which was lower than executive board, so from going from there to the highest position on executive board was a pretty significant change.

What is some advice you would give to the incoming president/ What are some questions you would ask the current president?

Martinez: Some advice that I would give to the incoming president is to definitely be true to yourself. I know it is hard to deal with the new traditions, new idea, and different opinions of not only the student body but also the staff, but in the end, being true to yourself and doing what you think is best for the school are definitely the most important things.

O’Leary: I would ask just how she was able to be a great president throughout the entire year; Going into the position I would like a lot of input from Bryanna and Mr. Miller, who did great things this past year and I would love to get advice from them.

What do you think you will miss/enjoy about being ASB president?

Martinez: I’m definitely going to miss the relationships and friendships that I made with students throughout the year. This year I was able to get close with some kids and I’m really going to miss them next year.

O’Leary: I will enjoy making sure that students become involved in school and watch people’s lives change when they connect with others and the school.

How do you think being ASB president will help you in the future?

Martinez: Being the ASB president has definitely given me the opportunity to branch out to kids that I wouldn’t really imagine myself talking to. I am a pretty outgoing person but I was able to create a lot more relationships and bonds with people which allowed me to get a lot more perspectives.

O’Leary: I didn’t run for this position to put it on my college transcripts, but to be able to learn leadership skills that are going necessary for my future adult life.

What are you plans as ASB president next year?

O’Leary: I know that a lot of freshmen are coming in next year and I want to connect most of them to school so through their next four years they will all have a good school spirit.

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