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New Year, New Voices

Redwood high school has been known for it’s prestigious choirs, often getting invited to festivals across the country to perform. Chamber choir is one of the hardest groups to perform in, with only thirty-one other members. Often times, this group travels across the state and country taking trips to San Jose for festivals, or even Hawaii to sing and learn the musical culture of the world. The

The new Chamber Choir members. (Picture taken by Hayley Nelson)

process to get accepted into this choir is rigorous though.

Jillian Nyberg, ‘17, the current Choir President, said, “Chamber choir is filled with amazing people and they give off a vibe of happiness and excitement for life, in general.”

Chamber choir holds its auditions usually around the month of May in order to determine who will replace the outgoing seniors. These auditions are intense, usually involving the the person who auditioned to perform in a quartet (a group of four musicians) with only them singing their part. With no other members to help them through the song, the process can be pretty stressful. However, because of the amount of talented singers at Redwood, often there is more qualified singers than there are spots in Chamber choir.

Nyberg shared her story about her chamber audition. She said, “When I auditioned, I lost my place in the song and started crying, but I just kept going and I didn’t think I was going to make Chamber choir, but I made it. And now I’m choir president”

These students are extremely talented and showed dedication, astounding musicianship, and a charming personality. Chances are you’ll know who made chamber by the ridiculous outfit they’ll be wearing on one random morning.

Nyberg, when asked what she would like to say to these new initiates, said,“Have fun, meet new people, and work hard, that’s the most important part.”

Congratulations to these students, and there is always another shot next year for those who were not able to make it in this year!

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