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ASB Presidential Candidates are Here!

Elections are around the corner and every applicant is doing their best at getting potential votes. Thursday through Monday at lunch is when the polling booths will be ready to start electing the newest executive board for ASB and class officers for next year.

Kenneth O’Leary, ’18, is one of the candidates for ASB president. “I chose to run for ASB president because I believe I’m a good leader and I’m good at listening to others and collaborating with others to make things awesome.”

“I’m in choir, drama, I’m in musicals, ASB, AP classes, all of it. So I have a wide range of people I talk to and I’m good friends with all of them. My favorite thing about ASB is the connecting kids with school, I enjoy making kids smile and all that good stuff. I’d like to see more student involvement in things, I try to get kids come to things like football games, basketball games [etc..], just to get more student involvement at redwood”

Katie Salazar, ’18, is also running for ASB President. “I ran for ASB president this year because I’ve been involved in ASB since freshman year. Over that time I have been rally commissioner and held multiple chair positions that let me work on every single thing ASB does and my role as rally commissioner this year has prepared me with the role. It gave me… responsibility, and I think I have the qualities and skills to be able to run things especially with the new ASB director.”

Salazar said, “My strengths are [that] I’m really organized, I’m really capable of getting things together like time schedules, calendars, [and] I’m really good with getting stuff together and being responsible with being rally commissioner. [It] taught me that ASB throws a lot of big events, especially community events that people like super… attend and that taught me that it actually [is] a lot more responsibility… I’m [also] super good at talking with people and going up to them.”

Irena Roldan, ’18, is the last candidate running for ASB President. “Personally, I feel that my biggest strength when it comes to leadership would be my outgoing personality. Taking on a role like [the] ASB President means the individual needs to be able to take on new challenges in a short period of time. My determination, hard work ethic, and time management makes me be able to achieve this trait. I recently took a year off of ASB due to my school schedule.This has given me a chance to see what a normal, “Non ASB” student goes through daily. It has given me ideas on how we can include individuals that haven’t found their “thing” yet. My favorite part of Redwood is the numerous amount of exceptional students and staff we have here. Redwood lives with years and years of traditions. I’ve been able to observe our school this past year and it has opened my eyes to modifications that could be made to make our school bolder, better, and bluer.”

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