Prom: “Everything” Includes the Dance

The Monday after prom is always a difficult day at Redwood High School. The grandeur of Saturday night’s suits, dresses, and heavy bass gradually fades into the monotony that is every day school. Ask anyone, re-entering the reality of the grind is rough.

To many Rangers, it isn’t important to actually go to the dance itself. Many students go to the trouble of renting a tux, going to a nice restaurant, and even buy a ticket. But they  never actually plan on attending the dance.

What’s the point in that? Anyone can go out to a nice restaurant, or watch a movie anytime, but prom is only once a year; and for most students you only get the chance to go twice. So what’s the point in going through all of that trouble of getting ready for an event you never plan on attending?

Prom is more than just a dance, of course. But without the dance itself, it can’t be prom.  The dance is the point of the event. It’s no secret much of what happens outside of the prom dance is illegal. Not attending prom gives big groups of teenagers a few hours where they are totally unaccountable to anyone. In most cases this includes their parents. Instead of being the event, the dance becomes the alibi for students who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

Prom is an important part of most high schooler’s lives, and going is usually one of the last memorable milestones for seniors. Deciding to dress up, go to dinner, take pictures and tell the world that you’re going to the dance and then not actually see the inside of the event seems strange. These students squander one last opportunity to make memories. It’s an important night with a lot of room for stupid decisions. We hope that our readers made good ones. `


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