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A Life in a Year

With only 5 weeks left of school, the year is coming to an end. Seniors are ending their high school years, and 8th graders will soon experience high school for the first time. But these are not the only ones ending and starting a chapter in their lives. This year Redwood high school has had 8 foreign exchange students, and for them, it’s goodbye to the American life.

The exchange students represent the countries of Spain, Japan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Armenia, Finland and Denmark. 

America is very different from what the students are used to. Some things they might miss from their home country while other things may seem so much better here in The United States.

The main difference that the foreign exchange students miss is their home food. “I’ve been used to food being really spicy, and over here they don’t eat that spicy. So I’m gonna eat a lot of food when I get home.” said Usman Shah, ’18, the foreign exchange student from Pakistan.

Javidan Alayi, ’17, from Azerbaijan, said, “What I miss, is pretty much the food. They eat a lot of fast food over here, and we eat more healthy over there. All year around they just eat fast food, and that probably the only thing I miss about my home country.”

However some students think some thing are better in America. Shah said, “This year was like a dream life, magical. School was good, host family was really good. And I’m really gonna miss it when I go back.”

“The whole High school experience was awesome. The school spirit and all the electives that I took, was so good. Back home we can’t take electives. People are nice here,” said Alayi.

Jenna Jokinin, ’17, from Finland, said, “It’s been  an eye opener, because now I see that there’s like a different reality. It’s really different, but it’s been so great. I like the American people more, because they are so much more open. I like how nice everyone is, and they’re just nice to everyone.”

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