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Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, many students are already thinking of what they want to do for their mothers. They all love their mothers greatly for different reasons and want to show them love like mother’s do for their children.

Brookelyn Tarkington, ‘18, said, ¨I am trying to get her Elton John Tickets and I love her because she takes really good care of me and loves me.¨

Karen Carrasco, ‘18, said, ¨For Mother’s Day I am going to make my mom a cheesecake and write her a sweet letter saying she’s such an awesome mom.¨ She loves her mom because she’s always there for her, she helps her with anything she needs and she’s her best friend.

Felicia Trevino, 18’ , said, ¨I’m gonna make her brownies and stay on the couch and watch movies all day.¨ She loves her mother because she protects her and taught her the ways of life.

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