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Poets on the Plaza

Ms. Link, who is a teacher in Redwood High School’s English department, has set an effort for kids to get involved. She organized a contest known as ‘Writing on the Walls’. This contest allows kids to enter their pieces of art, either be poetry, prose, or art. They have already chosen the finalists which will be announced in an event known as ‘Poets on the Plaza’.

Link said, “Poets on the plaza is a event to celebrate the winners of Writing on the Walls, it is a chance to celebrate national poetry month and to bring some local poets to meet our audience.”

It is taking place in Ranger Hall on May 5th from 5 till 7 in the evening.

Ms. Link’s goal is to make ‘Poets on the Plaza’ a tradition at Redwood.

Link, said, “We started Poets on the Plaza and we’re hoping to continue as long as we can stay funded and get our act together.”

As for prizes for the winners Ms. Link, said, “The first place winners are gonna get a banner hanging from the Ranger Hall for a whole month and the rest of our second first place and honorable mention are going to get a big poster with their work on it and that’s going to be posted around campus for people to look at, appreciate and read for the next month.”

There is a lot of stuff happening at this event. There are going to be some really neat art displays. Students are also going to be performing their pieces of art. It is a really fantastic moment to celebrate prose, poetry and all kinds of writing by students and to support creative people . There is also going to be a guest speaker name Aideed Medina who is known to be a great performer who has gone to team national, individual slam nationals. She’s a great poet, very entertaining and if you haven’t  heard a professional poet before it’s your chance to see this cool performance.


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