Cash on Campus

The daily struggle on campus always has something to do with money. Whether it’s lunch, buying a dance ticket, or buying a special occasion t-shirt, sometimes not having money can cost students the absence to a fun event or missing out on a cool class t-shirt.

Having an ATM on campus would greatly save the lives of those students with debit cards. Imagine a life where forgetting your deposits for your AP tests isn’t such a disaster, because you can just take out a couple bucks from the ATM. It also saves a second trip to the bank; now, everything you need is on campus and highly accessible.

It also allows a safe environment for students to withdraw cash without outside dangers. ATM areas can be a vulnerable place for young adolescents, for it is more likely that an attack or robbery could occur. With an ATM on campus, students are in a safe environment that is constantly monitored by administration and teachers.

Although some may argue that having an ATM at school can lead to students stealing, students can always make sure they’re money isn’t out in the open. They should secure it in their wallet and not flaunt it to others. If they have large amounts, they should make sure it is protected, hid away at all times and near their reach. And plus, if they needed a large amount of money for an AP test, they could pay it right away in the finance center so they can even prevent the event.

This would be a really cool and useful utility we can add to our campus. Thank you Valisity Vargas for the idea!

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