Religion in Schools?

In today’s society, most American high school students, do not have the opportunity to take the class of religion. Simply because it is not taught. But is that a mistake? Religion is a very sensitive subject, that you usually want to avoid if you talk to people with other beliefs as you. It is the reason of many wars, and will, in the future, probably be reason for many more wars.  I understand that here in America it is illegal to promote or establish a religion in public schools, but I believe a form or every religion should be taught.

First of all, children as soon as elementary school can be bullied with their faith because others don’t understand it. I’ve heard stories about Muslim kids being asked if they had a bomb in their backpack, or Jehovah’s kids being asked if their families belonged to a cult. All these kids are being stereotyped, because off all the things other kids see on TV, or here from their parents and the people around them. This is not fair, because people simply just don’t know what the other religion is about.

Religion is also one of the biggest parts of culture, literature and history today. Does that mean that you can’t teach about all the wars that were caused by religion? No. We learn about how Hitler and his army murdered thousands of Jews, but we don’t really know about the Jewish religion itself, other than that they were the ones killing Jesus. It is not fair that we here about these tragic event, that happened to them, without knowing why. That question could get answered if only we knew about the religion. It would help us to understand, and most importantly respect other people.

I believe that if schools taught religion, from a young age, kids would get a better understanding for other people. By teaching religion, you teach about the beliefs, not to convert people to the religion. You teach about how it was created, who the important people in history are, and what the religious beliefs are. It is not fair to judge another religions that you don’t even know about. It’s like saying you don’t like ketchup, without even tasting it. It’s just not fair. If you say that another religion is wrong and you don’t even know what they believe in, you don’t know if you believe in it.

Another example are Muslims. Today terrorist attacks are ruining the world, but are especially ruining the world for Muslims. On a daily basis, they have to deal with the looks they get when they’re wearing a turban, or when women are wearing a hijab. Being accused for being a terrorist, when nothing regarding their religion says anything about killing innocent people.

It must be awful being accused for something that you have absolutely no relation to. We need to learn the difference, and don’t judge people by their looks, and again, we need to understand.

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