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FBLA Elections

On Thursday, April 20th FBLA elections were published after school outside the business buildings. Students were finally able to find out whether or not they earned their position.

The process started with a basic application and transcript admission. Next, students who were qualified to apply went on to interviews which took place April 18th and 19th. The next day members voted on the potential FBLA officers. Voting impacted the results, however the advisers did not rely solely on it.

Ely Garcia, ’18, was elected as president. Rebecca Lechtman, ’18, Kate Sapasap, ’18, Elliot Larson, ’18, Luis Cerrillos, ’18, Anthony Casillas, ’18, Derrick Chau, ’19, Tania Jiroudi, ’19, Danyal Shahroz, ’18, Jonathan Zamora, ’18, and David Kingsford, ’18, were elected Vice President. Each Vice President has a different aspect of FBLA of which they are in charge. Nabil Karimi, ’19, will be the secretary and treasurer next year. Dylan Diltz, ’18, will be the Historian/Parliamentarian. Ali Mashael, ’19, Abbie Linhares, ’20, Alex Garrett, ’19, and Chris Yang, ’18, will be Leadership Partners.

Garcia said, “Now that I am with a team of all my best friends, I am looking forward to this next school year as fellow officers aiming for the best in our chapter.” Garcia said that he worked his hardest to earn the position, however he was a little surprised that he won the position over his competition. He is going to do his best to make next year a great one.

“I’m very happy with the results and I think that this officer team will be very successful,” Shahroz said. Shahroz also said that he was nervous about the election, but he thought he did well.

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