Dancing With the Rangers

Opening night for Redwood’s dance show was on Thursday, April 20 and the show was beyond amazing. Every part of the show was executed perfectly. The theme of the 17th annual dance show was Redwood TV. Every dance that was performed related to a TV show that the audience can enjoy.

The dance department had a full house opening night. Parents and friends sat in their seats anxious for the show to start. The RTV logo was sitting on stage flickering different colors on beat. Once the show began, our very own Redwood dancer, Felicia Trevino, ’18,  sang the National Anthem beautifully.

The technical aspect of the show was stunning. The lights were bright and colorful and coordinated with each dance perfectly. The costumes were dazzling and fit the theme of their TV show, such as the Adams Family themed performance. It was in fact fun and kooky.

Each genre of dance was entertaining and different from each performance so they all stood out in some way. Every level of dance skill was executed professionally. The introduction and intermediate class danced so well that the audience forgets they are new to dancing. Dance Force and International were groups that kept the audience’s attention focused on them the entire time. The dances ranged from emotional to humorous.

Hip Hop, like usual, did not disappoint. Their performances were beyond entertaining. One memorable dance was when Hip Hop performed to the theme song, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and to no surprise they added a twist. The crowd didn’t want their performances to end.

Opening night was a huge success and each performance made the crowd cheer for more. It was definitely an event that should not have been missed. I can’t wait to see what the dance department has in store for next year.

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