Freshman Year vs. Sophomore Year

Freshman year is a whole new experience for all incoming Freshmen and you get an actual glimpse of what it’s like to be a teen/young adult, but it’s not as stressful as you think. Then comes your second year, Sophomore year when things get more serious and you can’t slack as much as you did your first year.

So personally my Freshman year was a pretty good. I had some good experiences like with Cowhide, rallies, making new friends, and getting a true glimpse of what high school really is all about. As far as my grades went, they weren’t the best I had pretty average grades and I didn’t seem to care too much about them. However, classes weren’t very hard. I pretty much slacked and I wasn’t involved in school as much as I wanted to be.

This year is my Sophomore year and it’s pretty different compared to my Freshman year. I am more serious about my grades and I got involved with the first ever girls wrestling team at Redwood. My grades are now above average and my classes are harder and more stressful compared to my first year’s. Wrestling was a huge impact on my life. I fell in love with the sport not to mention it’s was my first year. I’ve learned so much about discipline, mentality, and being prepared for many situations. I also has the opportunity to become closer to the girls on my team. I’m pretty happy with my year so far.

Over all don’t slack no matter what year you’re in and get involved if it’s boring. If you just don’t do anything, you’ll eventually stress out about your grades if you continue to slack. Just try something new, if you don’t like it then try something else.

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