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One Dramatic Ending

Just like every other year, all drama classes are doing One Acts. The shows are going to be May 15th through the 18th in the Rotary theater at  7pm for $5. The students and Ms. Galvan, the Drama teacher, has already started rehearsals. The show is going to be a small scene that the drama 3 and 4 has picked out from scripts that Drama one found from different TV shows and movies.


These One Acts are he final projects for all Drama students. The show is not like the fall play or the musical, where students have to stay after school every day and rehearse until 9pm. In the One Acts you might stay 1-2 days after school, but other than that all rehearsal is in class.


Ms. Galvan is very excited about this. Especially about the Drama 1 students that have never tried this before. Galvan said, “It’s fun to see all the drama one’s, who’s never performed before, get on stage and feel successful.”


Even though this a a fun thing for a lot of kids, it is an emotional journey for Ms Galvan and the 4 year students. This will be the Redwood 4 year Drama students’s last performance. After the shows are over the 4 years do awards. 


“It’s very exciting to watch the growth of my students from day one where we just sit in a circle ‘Hi my name is’ to ‘Hi, look I’m a character’,” said Galvan.


The One Acts are all about the students and the students were the ones judging the auditions that the first and second year Drama classes had to do. Every person have gotten this specific role, that the third and fourth years have chosen.


Lily Reed ’20, a first year drama student, got one of the bigger parts. She has a lot of lines, and even though she thinks it’s scary, she’s still very excited about it.


“It is very fun. I’ve always loved drama, and have done it for a long time…” Lily said. She also claims that the shows are going to be so much fun.


Even though this almost always turns out good, there are still concerns. Ms. Galvan said, “The biggest concern is always having enough time in the theater, for students that have never performed before, get comfortable on stage. We’re paying for a few more days to give our drama one students a little more time. Making sure that they stay calm and understand that they’re gonna live through this.”  
So come support all redwood Drama students 15th through 18th of may in the Rotary theater at 7pm!

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