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FBLA Takes Sacramento by Storm

Redwood FBLA will be attending the state competition in Sacramento on Thursday April 6th. There are going to be 54 members of Redwood FBLA attending the state competition.

The state competition will consist of team building exercises, meetings, and speeches. There will be a total attendance of approximately 2,300 kids. Despite the high number of competitors, Mr. Avila, the FBLA advisor, has very high hopes for his team. He believes that Redwood FBLA can put at least 10 people into the national competition.

With Avila not running the conference this year, he has had more time to prepare with his team. ¨I feel a little bit more prepared but it is a large conference so you never know what to expect,” Avila said

Jonathan Zamora, ‘18, is one of the co-presidents of Redwood FBLA. Zamora feels very confident as well, since Redwood FBLA has placed first in the Central Valley.

Zamora is also running for state president and in competition with two other competitors. When asked about his competition, Zamora said, ¨I am running against two people who are both very talented, just as talented as myself.” One of these candidates comes from Westlake high school while the other attends school at Homestead high school.

Kate Sapasap, ‘18, is the other co-president of Redwood FBLA. When asked about her feelings on the upcoming competition, Sapasap said, ¨I’m really pumped because we have all been working so hard and I hope it all pays off.¨

Sapasap also believes that preparation has been great this year and Avila’s presence was a big factor.

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