Battle of the Classes

Redwood High School had their first official Battle of the Classes on March 31, 2017 after a 63 year tradition of Battle of the Sexes. Although many students felt uneasy about the change, the ASB team was able to make the rally an amazing experience.

Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, said,“I know Battle of the Classes was kind of unexpected for us… We rolled with the punches and did the best that we could”. This means that although the theme of the rally was difficult due to being different, they were still able to perform the best they could to provide a great start to this new tradition.

Katie Salazar, ‘18, is the Rally Commissioner that lead and planned this rally. Salazar was very happy on how the rally flowed, and hopes that they can continue this positive outcome on future Battle of the Classes rallies. Salazar said, “I think next time we need more competition rather than more performers.”Salazar would like more activities in which the Classes have a friendly competition rather than so many people and performances participating in the rally.

The change in the rally really caused people to question the process, but in the end a lot of the Redwood students enjoyed the rally. For this being a new theme, the rally set up team did a wonderful job to give us the experience we deserve, with flaws that became learning experience for Katie Salazar. The new tradition of Battle of the Classes, is off to a wonderful start here at Redwood high school.

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