What’s Wrong with the Past?

The tradition of Battle of the Sexes had been around for as long as most students can remember, in fact, it had been a part of Redwood for over ten years. Currently, we are all in the year of 2017 and we all have different views from the people ten years earlier. Some believe that it is time for a change, but others think that what we all have now is good enough for everyone.

There has been a recent change in the Redwood High School campus, the changing of the Battle of the Sexes to the Battle of the Classes.

Personally, I find this change unappealing due to the fact that it had a tradition for years, and boys and girls were put on opposite sides maybe because they were equal enough to compete on fair terms without a handicap. Also, it may seem that one side would lose just because of their gender, but in reality, they are playing skill and chance based games such as Just Dance and Rock Paper Scissors and a bunch of small games.

The whole idea behind the Battle of the Sexes was to bring the competitive spirit to the opposing gender, not because one is considered “higher” than the other, but to bring together our differences. We are all different people and there can only be so much division among the students already, so why can’t we all join each other for the few major similarities we all can be distinguished by and take on the other side?

Another thing, the school has a message behind every event they hold. If one side loses, it does not mean they lost because of their gender, but rather by skill and chance. For one, the Rock-Paper-Scissor challenge is all a chance game. How can we call the other gender lesser because they lost in a game of CHANCE? After all, these games were made to have friendly competition and fun.

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