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Rangers, Get Ready For The Dance Show!

The annual Redwood High School Dance Show, ‘R-TV’, is right around the corner for the dance department. Being less than a month away, this is the first and last dance show for many of the students apart of it. This show will display a variety of over 38 themed dances from all the different classes here at Redwood including Dance Force, International, Hip Hop, and many more.

Dance Show poster.

This is the first dance show for not only the members of the intro class, but many of students in the other classes too.

Mady Berber, ‘20, is a part of the Advanced Dance class for the first time, so this is her first year being apart of the show. Berber said, “I’m super excited but extremely nervous for the show. My class has been preparing for the show in class since around September. I am apart of 6 dances and my favorite dance is the NDA small group because it is football themed.”

Being apart of more than one dance class, such as Dance Force, International, Hip Hop etc, means having more dances to learn on your schedule and perform in the show.

Andrea Perez, ‘18, is not only a part of the Dance Force team but also the International class. Perez said, “I’m so excited for the dance show, I love it so much and I think I’ll love it more now that I am apart of the team. The team and I have been working on our dances since June, so we have been dancing non-stop ever since.”

Preparing and planning for the dance show may be hectic but it is always well worth it in the end for both dance teachers Mrs. Bardonnex and Mrs. Lapp, as well as the students involved because they now get to see all their hard work pay off.

Dance teacher Mrs. Lapp says it takes at least 11 months to plan the show and they first start off with getting all the classes started with choreography and then followed by designing costumes, sets, props, and lighting.

This year they have over 400 students enrolled so they take pride in serving a diverse population of students. She also said, “The students this year are so passionate about being a part of the dance show.  They are an exceptionally talented and enthusiastic group of young adults; it is because of them that our jobs are so much fun! Our music selections range from lyrical and emotional, upbeat and fun loving to contemporary and classic. We take the art of dance seriously here at Redwood, but we also know how to have fun along the way. It is important to us that the audience has fun too.”

When it comes to choosing a theme for the show, it becomes a tough choice for both Mrs. Lapp and Mrs. Bardonnex. Mrs. Lapp said, “This year’s theme is titled, ‘RTV’. Our theme is focused on incorporating technology aspects into the show along with music from our favorite TV shows that makes you want to get up out of your seat and dance. We take a lot of time developing and planning our dance themes every year. We collaborate on every aspect of the show: music genres, costumes, choreography styles, etc.. It is important to us to create a show with a lot a variety and that is entertaining for the audience. It was a goal of ours to incorporate more boys into the dance program; since implementing the Hip Hop and International Dance Classes into the curriculum we have been very successful. In my opinion this is what makes our program unique.”

The Redwood Dance Show “R-TV” will be on April 20th and 21st at 7pm and April 22nd at 5pm at the L.J. Williams Theater, tickets will be sold for $10 at the RHS Finance Center. Make sure to come out and support your fellow rangers!

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