Missed The ACT Conference? Here’s What Went Down.

The ACT conference took place on Saturday, April 1st at Woodlake High School. This is a conference that included food, workshops, guest speakers, and many other great benefits to students of the valley.

I got to witness this fantastic event, which really opened my life to a new perspective towards social issues present in the Valley, as well as the entire world. As we entered the Theater, guest were gifted with a free t-shirt, beanies, pens, and other gifts. There were also a variety of workshops guest could sign up for, which ranged from Suicide Prevention to Feminism. All guests were required to register for 3 different workshops, making the conference a very anticipated and eventful day of activities.

The program began with an introduction to what the ACT for Women and Girls organization was, which is an organization here in the valley where students were taught to #KnowTheirRights and other policies, where everyone is welcome and no one is discriminated. The keynote speaker was a young women who grew up in the Valley who was born with a disability and constantly witnesses bullying and discrimination around her and towards her. Her inspiring story motivated the audience to never remain silent towards violence and to always speak up for things that you want to be changed in the world.

The workshops in which I attended talked about suicide prevention and what it means to be a feminist. In the suicide prevention, I learned about how there are many different cries of help from many people suffering from depression, and as students, we should all speak up for those who need help. In the other two which discussed mostly equal rights for all genders, we discussed the issues present in our society and how we can influence them for the better one county at a time.

Leslie Diaz ‘17, who had the opportunity to be a speaker and host a workshop, said “It felt amazing but also a little scary to think that people looked up to me for guidance or answers. For the most part, I love knowing that there are people my age, older, and younger that kind of looked up to me and believe I’m smart and informed.”

All in all, I loved the event and can’t wait for next years! I think everyone should get involved and be informed about social issues in our world.

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