Bring on the Battle!

Three months into a new year doesn’t only allow changes to take place within people, but also within bigger events. There’s had been talk among the population of Redwood about the change of the Battle of the Sexes into the Battle of Classes. Some may have disagreed with the change, but I felt that this change should be smiled upon, rather than being bashed.

For one, we all have to consider society for what it is now, and thanks to social media and the internet, news and other ideas spread like wildfire. Today, there’s a strong encouragement of acceptance and open mindedness towards those that are different, whether it be gender, sexuality, or basically anything.

The Battle of the Classes concept is the idea that the classes of Redwood (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) participate in small games just as the girls and boys did in the past years.

With the change to the Battle of the Classes, it allowed Redwood to portray a message to all of the students. Some may say that by separating us students into classes wouldn’t do anything to help this idea, but we all have to consider what has happened in the past. There have been plenty of occasions where students have made crude remarks to the opposite gender, making them feel less than they actually are. As much as schools may try, they cannot track down everything a student says, let alone the whole student population.

Another point, there has been a discovery of an incredible amount of genders in the past couple of years. This helps appease those who don’t classify themselves as either male or female, and helps adapt to the new growing society with more ideas.

All and all, this is a new year for ideas at Redwood High School, and some ideas have to be changed to respect those that identify themselves differently than the general standards. Battle of the Classes was newly introduced so expect t to be bigger and better next year.

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