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What do You Mean There’s no More Cowhide?!

Cowhide is one of the most beloved traditions here at Redwood High School. However, I am sad to inform that it is coming to an end. Yes. You heard it here first. Cowhide will no longer be a part of the Redwood Football tradition.

When I first heard the rumor going around I did not believe it because there was no evidence to back it up. However, a very reliable source informed me that, yes, Cowhide is done. The 2016 Cowhide was the last.

In my opinion, I think that Cowhide should not go away. I think that it is a wonderful tradition both at Mt. Whitney and Redwood. It allows each school to prove how good their football teams are. A healthy rivalry is good to have. It also allows for the student body to get excited about something and to look forward to something.

The Cowhide dress-up days seem to be the most anticipated dress-up days of the school year. Every Cowhide there are great costumes people can wear throughout the week to show their school and football spirit. To take these dress-up days from the student body would be very unfair.

However, the worst thing that is being taken from us is the big game. The Cowhide game is by far the biggest game of the season. It is highly anticipated by both schools and a large part of the Visalia community. The Cowhide game get the football players pumped for the season. The game is a big part of Redwood’s history. It showcases our excellence in sports and how the Redwood community gets together to cheer its team on.
The taking away of Cowhide is something that should not be done. This game means a lot to many people, not only on campus, but around the Visalia community, as well. It unites both Mt. Whitney and Redwood’s student body to support their teams. It allows for both football teams to hash it out on the field and play a good game. It allows for the players to play their hardest for their schools, to prove themselves. Without Cowhide, what will Rangers do?

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  1. rachel quilantan

    wait so this was a joke right????????????/

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