School Uniforms Are Making a Comeback

Redwood High School has just announced that the implementation of school uniforms will be gradually introduced over the next two years. Their goal is to have a mandatory school wide uniform, for students and staff, by the year 2021. This project has been a long time coming and Redwood has finally come to the conclusion that now is the time in order to create a safe and healthy school environment where education is at the peak of importance.

The reason for such a radical idea, especially since Redwood is a public high school, is that the disobedience that comes along with students being able to freely dress as they please results in a dangerous environment that poses a threat to the school’s sole purpose. Since students find the need to not follow the school dress code guidelines, certain fashion choices can cause a ruckus and take away from their education. Violence can even possibly erupt whether it be gang related or even politically affiliated. That is the reason why the school feels a need to install an even stricter form of clothing guidelines.

The idea of a school wide uniform may seems like it’s restricting  Ranger’s individuality and freedom of expression, but the need for a safe environment that focuses on learning supersedes that need. Also, a mandatory uniform isn’t as restrictive as it may seem. Students are still going to be given the privileges to personalize their outfits with jewelry and any other school appropriate accessories. Unlike the traditional uniform, girls are not going to be constrained to wearing a skirt everyday. Students no matter their gender are going to have the opportunity to wear uniform pieces that range from button-up shirts, polos, skirts, pants, and shorts that are an appropriate length.

Uniforms are also going to save students and staff time in the morning when it comes to having to choose an outfit, which lets them focus more on the school day ahead. The idea of a uniform will give the students a sense of community where everyone is working together to achieve a goal, in and outside of the classroom. This gives the students an opportunity to be recognized and judged by their character and contributions in school alone.

Redwood realizes that this will be a tough transition for both students and staff, but the overall results of such a change it going to be beneficial for all.


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