Redwood Decides to add a Recess to the Schedule

After long hours of research and many meetings, Redwood high school has decided to incorporate a 20 minute recess into the class schedule. Redwood also plans to build a play structure in the quad so students will have an area to play. The school day will now end at 3:37 instead of 3:17  as a result of this recess.

“The school decided this would be a good idea based on how much trouble teachers are having keeping the attention of students. They’re too jittery in the morning and we thought we’d borrow an idea from elementary school to solve the problem. The play structure will be added so students can use up all their energy playing on the monkey bars or going on the swings. This will then enable them to focus in class,” said Pley Hopscotch, the Vice Principle in charge of the school’s play activities

“The play structure will feature slides, monkey bars, swings, and teeter totters, ” Hopscotch said.

Students have mixed reactions about this announcement. Some are not too enthusiastic about the idea.

“I just don’t see the point in adding a recess. Especially since that means we’ll be at school longer. I’d rather go home earlier then have a 20 minute recess. There’s just no point,” said Sarah McGee, ’19.

Others are excited for the idea.

“It’s about time this school had a recess. I cannot wait to go on the monkey bars. That was my favorite part of school when I was a kid. It just shows how Redwood is always thinking of its students and finding ways to make the school better,” said Megan Mueller, ’17.



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