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High School: FINALLY Preparing Students

Extra foreign language classes will not be the only new classes added to next years schedule at Redwood High School. The 2017-2018 school year will also mean that there will be an addition of a class that will help train students that aspire to join the Fast Food Industry.

Redwood High School can expect Chef Ramsay to teach the class, and he will teach three periods a day. Redwood should feel extremely lucky to have Chef Ramsay as a teacher, only proving that we truly are the best high school if one of the biggest chef’s in the nation chose our high school to start this new program.

The class is expected to teach students how to make a McChicken in less than thirty seconds. It is also going to aim to improve personal encounters in the real world. Chef Ramsay will also be helping students to pass their Food Handler’s Permit to ensure that they truly are prepared for the fast food world.

The purpose of the class is to hopefully help students become better employees as they enter the fast food world. The goal is for students to come straight out of the class and into a fast food restaurant anywhere in the nation.

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