Finally an Hour Lunch

Starting Monday April 3rd, Redwood High School will start having an hour lunch and allowing freshman off campus.

After years of having 30 min be the amount of lunch time students get for lunch, staff decided that it was best to add time to lunch considering the amount of tardies they have in a day. The passing period will now be 4 minutes and the other minutes will be added to lunch.

Having an hour lunch will benefit students in many ways. Students more time to eat a healthier lunch. With an hour students will have time to have an actual meal and not just a bag of chips. With such a large campus and huge amount of students having a longer lunch would mean students would not be rushing out of campus, this is especially beneficial to student drivers who are always rushing on the road with their 30 min time limit.

A new schedule will be posted on the Monday bulletin… just kidding. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS. Yes, a longer lunch would be amazing but sadly that is not being added this year, have a great day and remember to have good taste!

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